Private Party Set for the Nov 15th Cowboys Game Print E-mail


This week our Packers will take on the Cowgirls at Lambeau Field.  Kick off time is 3:15 PM.

For those who were not at last Sunday's game, an announcement was made that this game will be a "closed, private party" at Nick's for CHPHers and Packer fans with a few exceptions.

Lambeau South will be open to Dallas fans who are accompanied by a CHPHer or non-member Packer fan; however, the CHPHer or Packer fan will be responsible for keeping the Dallas fan in check.  If your guest gets unruly, offensive or rude, they will be removed and so will you.

If a CHPHer or non-member Packer fan becomes unruly, offensive or rude, they will also be asked to leave the premises.

Nick has asked that some of his 'regulars', the ones that are with us for every game, also be admitted as his guests. This is something that he will regulate and be responsible for. The same rules will apply to them.

We will have monitors at the doors.
It is unfortunate that we have to resort to these measures but this promises to be a highly-charged, emotional game for all. We will not have a repeat of the problems we experienced during the last Cowgirls game.

As a reminder....if you see a problem, immediately advise Nick, a staff member or a CHPH committee member.  Do not engage the disrupter.

We promote a family atmosphere on gamedays and as such, we ask that as adults, each member be aware of their language during a game.  We want our young Packer fans engaged in the CHPH gameday experience and want their parents to feel comfortable with bringing their kids to Lambeau South.  Let's keep it that way.

Party time starts at 2:00. We suggest you come early to get a seat.
New members:  If you did not receive your CHPH shirt, be sure to see a committee member on Sunday.