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The Untimely Passing of Don Gorder Print E-mail

Don and Andi Gorder have been members of the Cheddarhead Pack of Houston since 'day one.' 

In viewing the slideshow depicting snapshots of Don's life, it was hard to find -- indeed there were very few -- pictures when he was not wearing either Packers or Badgers gear.

A "Celebration of His Life" memorial service was held at St. John Lutheran Church on Thursday, July 7.

This is a photo of the sideboard with the guestbook, some flowers, a picture on Don in his hospital Packer Gear, the Superbowl 45 trophy (no, not the real one) and a deck of cards (he will be missed by his Sheepshead playing buddies).



At Andi's request, in tribute to Don, members of CHPH engaged in our traditional "Who Are We?" cheer. Andi and their son David participated, with David leading the cheer. 

Don was a great guy who will be sorely missed... but rest assured that when the crowd at Lambeau Field is panned, we will see him sitting on the 50 yard line.

GOD bless you Don, and thanks for everything. It was truly a pleasure to have known you.  We will miss you.