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First of all, my apologies for the late recap. Got back from Hawai'i where I watched this one from a great sports bar in Waikiki named Snappers, owned by a couple from WI. Met some new friends and hung out with Cheeseheads. And we all commiserated in unfettered disbelief at the outcome of this ugly ass game.

We all know what the primary discussion point is for this one. I’ll get into that a bit near the end, but truly, it’s like beating a dead horse now on the officiating issue. Thankfully—mercifully—an agreement has been brokered with the NFL officials to return. But that is a moot point at this juncture. Because of the officials’ gross negligence and incompetence, the Packers are 1-2 and we’re trailing both the Bears and the Viqueens in the NFCN. That’s the ugly, lousy truth.

Week 2: PACKERS Beat Da BEARS! Print E-mail





Anytime the Packers beat the Bears, it’s a glorious week in Wisconsin and a cause to celebrate for Packers fans globally. But to thump the Bears 23-10 at home, on a short week, and to be able to watch the game in Chicago whilst surrounded by the enemy just made it even sweeter. Cool


Well, who would have guessed that this would be our weakest overall unit after two games this season?

Week 1: PACKERS vs NINERS Print E-mail






It’s easy here to start freaking out about the lack of a run game, about the lack of downfield passing, etc, etc. But what really struck me Sunday was trying to figure out why we only had one TD on the board going into the 4th quarter. One successful drive! What the hell happened on our possessions to keep us out of the endzone? The explanation offers better description than I could analyze.

1) Our first possession started us in the best field position we started from all day...our own 29. San Francisco did a good job of not letting us start on a short field and they should be given credit for that. GB moved the ball to a first down on their 42, then had a successful run by Benson for four yards on first down, but followed with an incomplete and a sack and then punted.

WELCOME a New Author: "Titletown" Print E-mail

Hey gang!

First, I apologize for not being timely with this, the first edition of what will be some sort of post-game analysis. I’ll promise to not be as long-winded in the future and hope this can be more of a running blog that elicits much conversation and even heated debate about football. For those of you who know me, you’ll know that brevity absolutely is not my thing but you’ll also know that I love X’s and O’s and watching football. I can be a hothead, emotional, reactionary guy on Sundays a lot but try to step back and analytically review games as well.

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