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Packers get curb-stomped by the Giants Print E-mail





Well, a 38-10 drubbing isn’t what I wanted to wrap up the Thanksgiving weekend. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it. I’ve not tried to break down Xs and Os in this installment too much. I’m also going to delve into the depths of despair as well as put on a happy face, so bear with my bipolar commentary today. You’ll want to slam a bottle of Jagermeister & jump off a ledge reading this and you’ll also have—in the worlds of the immortal Al McGuire—seashells and rainbows and I’ll try to blow smoke up your butts and tell you everything’s going to be alright.

Packers win in Detroit Print E-mail






This game ended up being a dramatic tight finish and, contrary to the hopes of a blowout, ended up being a gritty win against a divisional opponent and marks the start of the final stretch of the 2012 regular season. It was a good warmup to the remaining 4 divisional games we have to play and this game should remind us all that winning in the NFL is a tough thing to do indeed. And it reinforces the mantra that more often than not, games are LOST in the NFL moreso than they are won outright. In this case, a monster defensive effort and many Detroit miscues resulted in a win on a day when our offense never got on track.

The Packers finished with fewer first downs, less yardage, fewer passing AND rushing yards, were 1 of 3 for FGs and still won.

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Ugly win against the Jaguars


This was another week of maddening inconsistency from the Packers offense. No facet of the squad played well, truly: the offensive line, Rodgers, RBs, WRs, no one stood out and the team looked flat, uninspired. Certainly the WR injuries had a factor, no question, but I’ve agreed with the notion that WRs are generally a fungible asset by and large. In a timing offense, that’s predicated on precise routes, timing and positioning, I would have expected more on Sunday. Driver had some action finally and scored, now being tied with Paul Hornung for 6th on the all-time GB TD list! Boykin didn’t contribute really at all. Clearly, without Jennings AND Nelson , there was no deep threat to scare the Jags and, sadly, the pass rush didn’t allow it even if someone were deep. I’ve said it before, but James Jones continues his great season—he doesn’t have a drop credited to him yet.

Packers top Rams Print E-mail





The Packers came to the Lou and didn’t have a letdown by beating the Rams 30-20. Some game thoughts below, but really, this team is showing some resilience and is rounding into mid-season form.

Next man up. That’s the mantra. It served the Packers well in the Super Bowl XLV run when 13 players went on IR and so far, youth is served and the rookies and younger players are being tested by fire. We’ve got a lot of injuries once again but I like the way this team is rising to overcome the adversity. Whether it is sustainable is a topic of discussion for another time, but for now, we had more new starters.

The Texas Cheeseheads Conquer! Print E-mail





GO PACK GO!!!! Watt's Happenin' CHPHers?

First, my apologies for missing the Colts recap last week--I was out of town and did not watch the game (perhaps a cardinal sin, my apologies) and I didn't want to mail it in unless I had genuine feedback on it. It's probably good I DIDN'T recap it.

Well, a debrief of the Texans game is quite enjoyable to do, not only because the Packers curb-stomped them, but also because it was such an incredible CHPH event! We got to see the Packers play their best overall game so far this season AND do so inside the confines of a rapidly emptying Reliant Stadium, a momentous tailgate and a great time of fellowship and partying with CHPH members and guests from across the country. Before I recap the game, I want to add to the rightful expressions of gratitude already conveyed to the CHPH committee and the herculean efforts that went into pulling this off—from transportation to food, tailgate setup and teardown to ticketing, and planning and organizing, it was a feat that only the Cheddarhead Pack of Houston could pull off. This club is the bomb.

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