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Happy Thanksgiving watching the Packers - Kitties Print E-mail

First of all, to all our Club Members and Packer Fans everywhere: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


This Thanksgiving Day, the Packers travel to Detroit to take on the Kitties. Kickoff time is 11:30.

Now we know this is early, but it is also a good thing. You won't be working, so getting up in time to come to the game should not be a problem. And, with the game starting at 11:30, there is plenty of time to get home and ready for Thanksgiving Dinner! A Win-Win situation.

And when we win, it will be a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Also, Nick's is serving Turkey and all the trimings during the game. Yes, there will be brats as usual, but with all the talk of turkey wouldn't it be nice to sample a bit of Nick's turkey while watching some Packer football? You betcha! If you have a dish that goes with turkey dinner and you want to share it with your fellow Packer fans, bring it along. All contributions are encouraged and welcome.

One last thing. The issue with the big screen television at Nick's has been repaired. It was simply a bad cable connector and it has been replaced. No worries about the reception now!

So, Happy Thanksgiving. Come and join your fellow Packer fans for some turkey (and brats) while watching the Packers cook the Kitties.